Services We Offer

IT Consulting Services

We are a Business Consulting Firm that works closely ‘with’ Client Businesses to either Setup and Manage or Organize IT for Business to remain competitive and agile enough to grow with scale and speed.

Our IT Consulting Services includes International Business Development, Businesss Alligned Business Services, IT Roadmap Design Execution.

Team of Consulting Partners has close to 150 person-years of experience in various industry verticals/domains and we are not considering partner experiences over here.

IT Operational Services

IT Operational Services includes three steps - Setup, Manage and Organize.

While each engagement may be typical in nature, we [Consultants] consistently engage with Clients to find innovative ways to conduct business with technology and processes as differentiators.

Consultants target either a complete Transformation [State A to State B] or Optimization [State A to State A +/-]. Thus, ITOTM happens to be the underlying standard core objective of each engagement.

Complete Business Makeover for higher Business Value Generation through collaboration is what Third Point strives to achieve for through ITO.

Business Development

Third Point Consultants specialize in Business IT Consulting, as well, as IT Operational Services. Because, as IT professionals, we strongly believe, buying a piece of technology does not really solve anything; our consultants collaborate and engage closely with clients to Understand [Business Landscape and Stakeholders], Influence [Senior Management] to Lead [Strategic Technology Planning] for Business to have competitive edge over the industry counterparts through increased Business Value and Financial Performance.

Consultants have worked and influenced, amidst ambiguity, workings of different industry domains like Insurance, Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, BPO, Media, Beverages, Media, Manufacturing and Travel - specifically in the areas of processes and technology. They have exposure and experience of Indian Corporate culture be it large corporate, startup, entrepreneurial or family driven Indian organization. Served Group Companies of GE, Coke, AIG, Virgin and Indian Groups ITC, Escorts, Tata, Birla, Escorts.

Business Solutions

Third Point Consultants currently provides for the below Business Services for their esteem clients. All the Business Offerings can be availed for either start to end services from Strategy Consulting to Design and Delivery to finally Managed Services under BAU mode or separately as the client requirement may be.

1. International Business Development for Products and Services through national and international network of distributors. One of the key service offered for the clients are the Procurement Services at the best possible rates much below the rate available to the clients.

2. Business Solutions Services like evaluation, auditing some of the leading ERP, CRM and and Business Analytics are available for select products.

3. Infrastructure Services include Data Center Design and Implementation and Consolidation. In addition to that, Directory/Mails, Network Security and Audit, IT Helpdesk are other standard services available for clients to engage Third Point Consultants.

4. Contact Center Services include laying out the Technology Architecture, Facilitate Product Decision, Operating Model and decision on whether to go for captive or hosted solution.

5. Digitization Services include eBook Creation, Document Scanning, Imaging, Services, ICR/OCR Conversion

Software Development

Software Development Services for Portal or Platform Development, Web Promotions and Bespoke Development are available across multiple domains.

Moving beyond of Value Creation and Value Addition, Third Point thrives to deliver Value to Business Advantage. Advantage Clients enjoy deciding for Third Point Consultant Services are more than one:

1. Governance and Quality Advantage by having direct access to Senior Partners for consistent and effective deliverables through Business IT Consulting vis-à-vis Pure Play IT Consulting.

2. Price Advantage through inherent core to Do More with Less through Optimization. Flexible Hybrid and Step-Down Pricing for 3 year contracts. Access to Senior IT Leaders and Consultants at 2/3rd of the cost.

3. Agility Advantage through Time, Resource and Skill flexibility. Design of Lean Delivery and Operating Model – unlike Standard Role Based Operating Model

4. Trust Advantage for Third Point believes in Client versus Customer Differentiator. Longevity of Engagement and Contracts is the core objective of the firm and hence, provides and prefers services and contracts from consulting to design to execution to maintenance.

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Consultant Sourcing and Staff Augmentation

Third Point help Business Clients avail services for interim need of consultants and other managemnt staff.

With more than a decade experience, team members are equipped to find the best reliable candidates within its network and the extended ecosystem.

All the consulting and management staff are skilled enough to jump start project deliveries and adhere to timelines. Not much of the training is required other than the business processes specific to the client projects.

Clients can stay calm and relaxed with the interim business requirements to ramp up or ramp down the team members required to deliver Business Priorities through Third Point Staff Augmentation Services.